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Gourmet Hash Browns & Sandwiches

All Shredderz are served on a hoagie bun packed full of premium ingredients topped with Shredderz signature crispy hash browns. Oh Yeah!

Steak Shedder: Tender shredded steak with a savory brown sauce, our special four cheese blend, and Shredderz hash browns

Chicken Shredder: Succulent shredded chicken grilled in a lemon herb marinade, our special four cheese blend, and Shredderz hash browns

BBQ Pulled Pork Shredder: Pulled pork smothered in a tangy homemade barbecue sauce, topped with sharp cheddar, pickle, and Shredderz hash browns

Veggie Shredder: A seasonal rotation of fresh and grilled vegetables in a homemade sauce, topped with Shredderz hash browns


Nacho Browns: Shredderz hash browns tossed in a decadent, zesty homemade nacho cheese sauce and topped with your choice of classic nacho fixings.

Breakfast browns: Shredderz signature crispy hash browns topped with egg, bacon, and green onion.

Shredderz Signature Hash Browns: Crispy gourmet hash browns to perfection.